You can take a look at it is a notebook and graphic visual designer.

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Thanks, Gaurav and Corey,

Probably I didn’t make myself clear. I am looking for best Spark practice similar to Shiny for R, the analysis/visualziation results can be easily published to web server and shown from web browser. Or any dashboard for Spark?

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Cui Lin

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Date: Friday, January 9, 2015 at 7:45 PM
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You can also look at Spark Job Server

- Gaurav

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Cui Lin,

The solution largely depends on how you want your services deployed (Java web container, Spray framework, etc...) and if you are using a cluster manager like Yarn or Mesos vs. just firing up your own executors and master.

I recently worked on an example for deploying Spark services inside of Jetty using Yarn as the cluster manager. It forced me to learn how Spark wires up the dependencies/classpaths. If it helps, the example that resulted from my tinkering is located at [1].

On Fri, Jan 9, 2015 at 9:33 PM, Cui Lin <> wrote:
Hello, All,

What’s the best practice on deploying/publishing spark-based scientific applications into a web service? Similar to Shiny on R.

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Cui Lin