Hi Folks,

Apologies for cross posting :(

As some of you may already know, @ApacheCon NA 2015 is happening in Austin, TX April 13th-16th.

This email is specifically written to attract all folks interested in Science and Healthcare... this is an official call to arms! I am aware that there are many Science and Healthcare-type people also lingering in the Apache Semantic Web communities so this one is for all of you folks as well.

Over a number of years the Science track has been emerging as an attractive and exciting, at times mind blowing non-traditional track running alongside the resident HTTP server, Big Data, etc tracks. The Semantic Web Track is another such emerging track which has proved popular. This year we want to really get the message out there about how much Apache technology is actually being used in Science and Healthcare. This is not only aimed at attracting members of the communities below but also at potentially attracting a brand new breed of conference participants to ApacheCon and the Foundation e.g. Scientists who love Apache. We are looking for exciting, invigorating, obscure, half-baked, funky, academic, practical and impractical stories, use cases, experiments and down right successes alike from within the Science domain. The only thing they need to have in common is that they consume, contribute towards, advocate, disseminate or even commercialize Apache technology within the Scientific domain and would be relevant to that audience. It is fully open to interest whether this track be combined with the proposed healthcare track... if there is interest to do this then we can rename this track to Science and Healthcare. In essence one could argue that they are one and the same however I digress :)

What I would like those of you that are interested to do, is to merely check out the scope and intent of the Apache in Science content curation which is currently ongoing and to potentially register your interest.


I would love to see the Science and Healthcare track be THE BIGGEST track @ApacheCon, and although we have some way to go, I'm sure many previous track participants will tell you this is not to missed.

We are looking for content from a wide variety of Scientific use cases all related to Apache technology.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing you in Austin.