If you set up a number of pools equal to the number of different priority levels you want, make the relative weights of those pools very different, and submit a job to the pool representing its priority, I think youll get behavior equivalent to a priority queue. Try it and see.

If I'm misunderstandng what youre trying to do, then I don't know.

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Maybe I'm not getting this, but it doesn't look like this page is describing a priority queue scheduling policy. What this section discusses is how resources are shared between queues. A weight-1000 pool will get 1000 times more resources allocated to it than a priority 1 queue. Great, but not what I want. I want to be able to define an Ordering on make my tasks representing their priority, and have Spark allocate all resources to the job that has the highest priority. 


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"Setting a high weight such as 1000 also makes it possible to implement priority between pools—in essence, the weight-1000 pool will always get to launch tasks first whenever it has jobs active."

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Thanks, but I don't see how this documentation solves my problem. You are referring me to documentation of fair scheduling; whereas, I am asking about as unfair a scheduling policy as can be: a priority queue.


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On Sat, Jan 10, 2015 at 4:40 PM, Alessandro Baretta <alexbaretta@gmail.com> wrote:
Is it possible to specify a priority level for a job, such that the active
jobs might be scheduled in order of priority?