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From mingweili0x <>
Subject saveAsTextFile extremely slow near finish
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2015 17:31:59 GMT
I'm basically running a sorting using spark. The spark program will read from
HDFS, sort on composite keys, and then save the partitioned result back to
pseudo code is like this:

input = sc.textFile
pairs = input.mapToPair
sorted = pairs.sortByKey
values = sorted.values

 Input size is ~ 160G, and I made 1000 partitions specified in
JavaSparkContext.textFile and JavaPairRDD.sortByKey. From WebUI, the job is
splitted into two stages: saveAsTextFile and mapToPair. MapToPair finished
in 8 mins. While saveAsTextFile took ~15mins to reach (2366/2373) progress
and the last few jobs just took forever and never finishes. 

Cluster setup:
8 nodes
on each node: 15gb memory, 8 cores

running parameters:
--executor-memory 12G
--conf "spark.cores.max=60"

Thank you for any help.

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