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From gtanguy <>
Subject SPARKQL Join partitioner
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2015 16:22:45 GMT

I am wondering how does "/join/" work in SparkQL? Does it co-partition two
tables?  or does it do it by wide dependency?

I have two big tables to join, the query creates more than 150Go temporary
data, so the query stops because I have no space left my disk.
I guess I could use a HashPartitioner in order to join with inputs
co-partitioned, like this :

1/ Read my two tables in two SchemaRDD
2/ Transform the two SchemaRDD in two RDD[(Key,Value)]
3/ Repartition my two RDDs with my partitioner : rdd.PartitionBy(new
4/ Join my two RDDs
5/ Transform my result in SchemaRDD 
6/ Reconstruct my hive table.

Is there an easy way via SparkQL (hivecontext)?

Thanks for your help.

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