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From "Shuai Zheng" <>
Subject Spark will process _temporary folder on S3 is very slow and always cause failure
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2015 22:51:00 GMT
Hi All,


I try to run a sorting on a r3.2xlarge instance on AWS. I just try to run it
as a single node cluster for test. The data I use to sort is around 4GB and
sit on S3, output will also on S3.


I just connect spark-shell to the local cluster and run the code in the
script (because I just want a benchmark now).


My job is as simple as:

val parquetFile =


val sortedResult = sqlContext.sql("SELECT * FROM Test order by time").map {
row => { row.mkString("\t") } }



The job takes around 6 mins to finish the sort when I am monitoring the
process. After I notice the process stop at: 


15/03/13 22:38:27 INFO DAGScheduler: Job 2 finished: saveAsTextFile at
<console>:31, took 581.304992 s


At that time, the spark actually just write all the data to the _temporary
folder first, after all sub-tasks finished, it will try to move all the
ready result from _temporary folder to the final location. This process
might be quick locally (because it will just be a cut/paste), but it looks
like very slow on my S3, it takes a few second to move one file (usually
there will be 200 partitions). And then it raise exceptions after it move
might be 40-50 files.


org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseException: The target server failed to respond








I try several times, but never get the full job finished. I am not sure
anything wrong here, but I use something very basic and I can see the job
has finished and all result on the S3 under temporary folder, but then it
raise the exception and fail. 


Any special setting I should do here when deal with S3?


I don't know what is the issue here, I never see MapReduce has similar
issue. So it could not be S3's problem.





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