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From Cheng Lian <>
Subject Re: Creating a hive table on top of a parquet file written out by spark
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2015 04:43:22 GMT
Which version of Spark SQL were you using? I suspect this is related to 
the nullability issue we fixed in 1.3.0.

SQLContext.jsonFile automatically infers schema from a sampling result 
of the provided data (sampling ratio is 1.0 by default). Before 1.3.0, 
if the sampled data doesn't contain null values, the inferred schema is 
non-nullable. However, Hive tables are always nullable. For most file 
formats, this is OK. But in Parquet, nullability is significant.


On 3/17/15 1:55 AM, kpeng1 wrote:
> Hi All,
> I wrote out a complex parquet file from spark sql and now I am trying to put
> a hive table on top.  I am running into issues with creating the hive table
> itself.  Here is the json that I wrote out to parquet using spark sql:
> {"user_id":"4513","providers":[{"id":"4220","name":"dbmvl","behaviors":{"b1":"gxybq","b2":"ntfmx"}},{"id":"4173","name":"dvjke","behaviors":{"b1":"sizow","b2":"knuuc"}}]}
> {"user_id":"3960","providers":[{"id":"1859","name":"ponsv","behaviors":{"b1":"ahfgc","b2":"txpea"}},{"id":"103","name":"uhqqo","behaviors":{"b1":"lktyo","b2":"ituxy"}}]}
> {"user_id":"567","providers":[{"id":"9622","name":"crjju","behaviors":{"b1":"rhaqc","b2":"npnot"}},{"id":"6965","name":"fnheh","behaviors":{"b1":"eipse","b2":"nvxqk"}}]}
> I basically created a hive context and read in the json file using jsonFile
> and then I wrote it back out using saveAsParquetFile.
> Afterwards I was trying to create a hive table on top of the parquet file.
> Here is the hive hql that I have:
> create table test (mycol STRUCT<user_id:String,
> providers:ARRAY&lt;STRUCT&lt;id:String, name:String,
> behaviors:MAP&lt;String, String>>>>) stored as parquet;
> Alter table test set location 'hdfs:///tmp/test.parquet';
> I get errors when I try to do a select * on the table:
> Failed with exception
> Column mycol at index 0 does not exist in {providers=providers,
> user_id=user_id}
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