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From Nirav Patel <>
Subject Spark 1.0.2 failover doesnt port running application context to new master
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2015 19:40:13 GMT
We have spark 1.0.2 cluster with 3 nodes under HA setup using zookeeper. We
have long running self contained spark service that serves on-demand
I tried to do failover test by killing spark master and see if our
application get ported over to new master. Looks like killing master
doesn't really kills executors that were created by application. So our
application is still able to serve request but problem is I can no longer
see our applicaiton running in UI. Probably just issue of not having a
history server ? Driver UI still works. Can someone confirm this?
I am also attaching screenshot of new master console that display "Running
Application" section



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