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From Emre Sevinc <>
Subject Why doesn't the --conf parameter work in yarn-cluster mode (but works in yarn-client and local)?
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2015 12:39:08 GMT

According to Spark Documentation at :

  --conf: Arbitrary Spark configuration property in key=value format. For
values that contain spaces wrap “key=value” in quotes (as shown).

And indeed, when I use that parameter, in my Spark program I can retrieve
the value of the key by using:


This works when I test my program locally, and also in yarn-client mode, I
can log the value of the key and see that it matches what I wrote in the
command line, but it returns *null* when I submit the very same program in
*yarn-cluster* mode.

Why can't I retrieve the value of key given as --conf "key=value" when I
submit my Spark application in *yarn-cluster* mode?

Any ideas and/or workarounds?

Emre Sevinç

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