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From Tobias Pfeiffer <>
Subject scala.Double vs java.lang.Double in RDD
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2015 09:17:41 GMT

I have a function with signature

  def aggFun1(rdd: RDD[(Long, (Long, Double))]):
    RDD[(Long, Any)]

and one with

  def aggFun2[_Key: ClassTag, _Index](rdd: RDD[(_Key, (_Index, Double))]):
    RDD[(_Key, Double)]

where all "Double" classes involved are "scala.Double" classes (according
to IDEA) and my implementation of aggFun1 is just calling aggFun2 (type
parameters _Key and _Index are inferred by the Scala compiler).

Now I am writing a test as follows:

  val result: Map[Long, Any] = aggFun1(input).collect().toMap
  result.values.foreach(v => println(v.getClass))
  result.values.foreach(_ shouldBe a[Double])

and I get the following output:

  class java.lang.Double
  class java.lang.Double
  [info] avg
  [info] - should compute the average *** FAILED ***
  [info]   1.75 was not an instance of double, but an instance of

So I am wondering about what magic is going on here. Are scala.Double
values in RDDs automatically converted to java.lang.Doubles or am I just
missing the implicit back-conversion etc.?

Any help appreciated,

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