Oh, sorry, my bad, currently Spark SQL doesn’t provide the user interface for UDAF, but it can work seamlessly with Hive UDAF (via HiveContext).


I am also working on the UDAF interface refactoring, after that we can provide the custom interface for extension.





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Subject: Re: Registering custom UDAFs with HiveConetxt in SparkSQL, how?


Thanks Hao,

But my question concerns UDAF (user defined aggregation function ) not UDTF( user defined type function ).

I appreciate if you could point me to some starting point on UDAF development in Spark.




On Tuesday, March 10, 2015, Cheng, Hao <hao.cheng@intel.com> wrote:

Currently, Spark SQL doesn’t provide interface for developing the custom UDTF, but it can work seamless with Hive UDTF.


I am working on the UDTF refactoring for Spark SQL, hopefully will provide an Hive independent UDTF soon after that.


From: shahab [mailto:shahab.mokari@gmail.com]
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Subject: Registering custom UDAFs with HiveConetxt in SparkSQL, how?




I need o develop couple of UDAFs and use them in the SparkSQL. While UDFs can be registered as a function in HiveContext, I could not find any documentation of how UDAFs can be registered in the HiveContext?? so far what I have found is to make a JAR file, out of developed UDAF class, and then deploy the JAR file to SparkSQL .


But is there any way to avoid deploying the jar file and register it programmatically?