Hi Sean,

It's getting strange now. If I ran from IDE, my executor memory is always set to 6.7G, no matter what value I set in code. I have check my environment variable, and there's no value of 6.7, or 12.5

Any idea?


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Hi Xi Shen,

You could set the spark.executor.memory in the code itself . new SparkConf()..set("spark.executor.memory", "2g")

Or you can try the -- spark.executor.memory 2g while submitting the jar.



Jishnu Prathap


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By default spark.executor.memory is set to 512m, I'm assuming since you are submiting the job using spark-submit and it is not able to override the value since you are running in local mode. Can you try it without using spark-submit as a standalone project?


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On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 1:52 PM, Xi Shen <davidshen84@gmail.com> wrote:

I set it in code, not by configuration. I submit my jar file to local. I am working in my developer environment.


On Mon, 16 Mar 2015 18:28 Akhil Das <akhil@sigmoidanalytics.com> wrote:

How are you setting it? and how are you submitting the job?


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I have set spark.executor.memory to 2048m, and in the UI "Environment" page, I can see this value has been set correctly. But in the "Executors" page, I saw there's only 1 executor and its memory is 265.4MB. Very strange value. why not 256MB, or just as what I set?


What am I missing here?








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