It appears that the metastore_db problem is related to I had another shell open that was stuck. This is probably a bug, though?

    import sqlContext.implicits
    case class Foo(x: Int)
    val rdd = sc.parallelize(List(Foo(1)))

results in a frozen shell after this line:

    INFO MetaStoreDirectSql: MySQL check failed, assuming we are not on mysql: Lexical error at line 1, column 5.  Encountered: "@" (64), after : "".         
which, locks the internally created metastore_db                                                                

On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 11:20 AM, Justin Pihony <> wrote:
I started to play with 1.3.0 and found that there are a lot of breaking
changes. Previously, I could do the following:

    case class Foo(x: Int)
    val rdd = sc.parallelize(List(Foo(1)))
    import sqlContext._

Now, I am not able to directly use my RDD object and have it implicitly
become a DataFrame. It can be used as a DataFrameHolder, of which I could


But, that is kind of a pain in comparison. The other problem for me is that
I keep getting a SQLException:

    java.sql.SQLException: Failed to start database 'metastore_db' with
class loader  sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader@10393e97, see the next
exception for details.

This seems to be a dependency on Hive, when previously (1.2.0) there was no
such dependency. I can open tickets for these, but wanted to ask here
first....maybe I am doing something wrong?


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