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From xiazhuchang <>
Subject Re: Questions about Accumulators
Date Sun, 03 May 2015 13:07:25 GMT
“For accumulator updates performed inside actions only, Spark guarantees that
each task’s update to the accumulator will only be applied once, i.e.
restarted tasks will not update the value. In transformations, users should
be aware of that each task’s update may be applied more than once if tasks
or job stages are re-executed. ”
Is this mean the guarantees(accumulator only be updated once) only in
actions? That is to say, one should use the accumulator only in actions,
orelse there may be some errors(update more than once) if used in
e.g. map(x => accumulator += x)
After executed, the correct result of accumulator should be "1";
Unfortunately, some errors happened, restart task, the map() operation
re-executed(map(x => accumulator += x)  re-executed), then the final result
of acculumator will be "2", twice as the correct result?

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