I want to use file stream as input. And I look at SparkStreaming document again, it's saying file stream doesn't need a receiver at all.

So I'm wondering if I can control a specific DStream instance.


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You can make ANY standard receiver sleep by implementing a custom Message Deserializer class with sleep method inside it.


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Why not just trigger your batch job with that event?


If you really need streaming, then you can create a custom receiver and make the receiver sleep till the event has happened. That will obviously run your streaming pipelines without having any data to process.


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On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 4:39 AM, Haopu Wang <HWang@qilinsoft.com> wrote:

In my application, I want to start a DStream computation only after an
special event has happened (for example, I want to start the receiver
only after the reference data has been properly initialized).

My question is: it looks like the DStream will be started right after
the StreaminContext has been started. Is it possible to delay the start
of specific DStream?

Thank you very much!

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