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From "Wang, Ningjun (LNG-NPV)" <>
Subject Cannot iterate items in rdd.mapPartition()
Date Fri, 26 Jun 2015 18:52:57 GMT
In rdd.mapPartition(...) if I try to iterate through the items in the partition, everything
screw. For example

val rdd = sc.parallelize(1 to 1000, 3)
val count = rdd.mapPartitions(iter => {

The count is 0. This is incorrect. The count should be 1000. If I just comment out the line
println(iter.length), then the count become 1000 correctly.

Does this mean I cannot iterate through iter in mapPartitions? I want to get all items in
a partition and compose one request to send to external system. How can I achieve that if
I am not allowed to iterate through items in the partition?


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