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From Cosmin Cătălin Sanda <>
Subject Accumulator map
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2015 13:36:06 GMT

I am trying to gather some statistics from an RDD using accumulators.
Essentially, I am counting how many times specific segments appear in each
row of the RDD. This works fine and I get the expected results, but the
problem is that each time I add a new segment to look for, I have to
explicitly create an Accumulator for it and explicitly use the Accumulator
in the foreach method.

Is there a way to use a dynamic list of Accumulators in Spark? I want to
control the segments from a single place in the code and the accumulators
to be dynamically created and used based on the metrics list.

*Cosmin Catalin SANDA*
Software Systems Engineer
Phone: +

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