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From Pat Ferrel <>
Subject rdd.saveAsSequenceFile(path)
Date Sat, 27 Jun 2015 21:46:13 GMT
Our project is having a hard time following what we are supposed to do to migrate this function
from Spark 1.2 to 1.3.

   * Dump matrix as computed Mahout's DRM into specified (HD)FS path
   * @param path
  def dfsWrite(path: String) = {
    val ktag = implicitly[ClassTag[K]]
    //val vtag = implicitly[ClassTag[Vector]]

    implicit val k2wFunc: (K) => Writable =
      if (ktag.runtimeClass == classOf[Int]) (x: K) => new IntWritable(x.asInstanceOf[Int])
      else if (ktag.runtimeClass == classOf[String]) (x: K) => new Text(x.asInstanceOf[String])
      else if (ktag.runtimeClass == classOf[Long]) (x: K) => new LongWritable(x.asInstanceOf[Long])
      else if (classOf[Writable].isAssignableFrom(ktag.runtimeClass)) (x: K) => x.asInstanceOf[Writable]
      else throw new IllegalArgumentException("Do not know how to convert class tag %s to

// the problem is here =====
    // this worked in Spark 1.2 and as we understand things should in 1.3 if we have the right
    //  rdd.saveAsSequenceFile(path)

    // this works in Spark 1.3 but uses a deprecated method
    SparkContext.rddToSequenceFileRDDFunctions(rdd.asInstanceOf[RDD[(K, Vector)]]).saveAsSequenceFile(path)

As we understand it, we need to supply implicit writeable factories now instead of writables?
The rdd is a sequence of key = one of the classes above, value = a Mahout “Vector". These
are usually serialized through Kryo (not JavaSerializer) for closures so we have compatible
classes for that. 

Any pointers would be helpful.
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