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From "Nupur Kumar (BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX)" <>
Subject Error writing to cassandra table using spark application
Date Wed, 12 Aug 2015 16:23:19 GMT

I am doing this for the first time so feel free to let me know/forward this to where it needs
to be if not here.

I have a spark application that does some computations and writes the results to Cassandra.
I had this set up working (and Cass table populating) on dev machines but when I do the same
in prod machines I get the attached error. (I have not included the entire dump since it was
too long, I have included things that I thought would be relevant. Let me know if you need

It says "failed to write statements.." and gives no more information than that. As you can
see it was able to connect to Cassandra successfully. 

I have checked the ports, memory availability, providing it with all the right jars, version
compatibility between Spark/Cass/Spark-Cass connector and none of these solved the problem.

I am able to cqlsh into Cassandra and insert data into keyspacename.tablename and that works
fine so I don't think the error lies on Cassandra's side.

I am running out of ideas as to why this might be failing so any help would be appreciated!

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