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From Du Li <>
Subject Re: Finding the number of executors.
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2015 21:44:32 GMT
Following is a method that retrieves the list of executors registered to a spark context. It
worked perfectly with spark-submit in standalone mode for my project.
/**   * A simplified method that just returns the current active/registered executors 
 * excluding the driver.   * @param sc   *           The spark context to retrieve
registered executors.   * @return   *         A list of executors each in the form
of host:port.   */  def currentActiveExecutors(sc: SparkContext): Seq[String] = {   
val allExecutors =    val driverHost: String = sc.getConf.get("") 
  allExecutors.filter(! _.split(":")(0).equals(driverHost)).toList  }

     On Friday, August 21, 2015 1:53 PM, Virgil Palanciuc <> wrote:

 Hi Akhil,
I'm using spark 1.4.1. Number of executors is not in the command line, not in the getExecutorMemoryStatus
(I already mentioned that I tried that, works in spark-shell but not when executed via spark-submit).
I tried looking at "defaultParallelism" too, it's 112 (7 executors * 16 cores) when ran via
spark-shell, but just 2 when ran via spark-submit.
But the scheduler obviously knows this information. It *must* know it. How can I access it?
Other that parsing the HTML of the WebUI, that is... that's pretty much guaranteed to work,
and maybe I'll do that, but it's extremely convoluted.
On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 11:35 PM, Akhil Das <> wrote:

Which version spark are you using? There was a discussion happened over here
Aug 21, 2015 7:42 AM, "Virgil Palanciuc" <> wrote:

Is there any reliable way to find out the number of executors programatically - regardless
of how the job  is run? A method that preferably works for spark-standalone, yarn, mesos,
regardless whether the code runs from the shell or not?
Things that I tried and don't work:- sparkContext.getExecutorMemoryStatus.size - 1 // works
from the shell, does not work if task submitted via  spark-submit- sparkContext.getConf.getInt("spark.executor.instances",
1) - doesn't work unless explicitly configured- call to http://master:8080/json (this used
to work, but doesn't anymore?)
I guess I could parse the output html from the Spark UI... but that seems dumb. is there really
no better way?

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