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From Krish <>
Subject Implementing algorithms in GraphX pregel
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2015 08:46:10 GMT
I was recently looking into spark graphx as one of the frameworks that can
help me solve some graph related problems.

The 'think-like-a-vertex' paradigm is something new to me and I cannot wrap
my head over how to implement simple algorithms like Depth First  or
Breadth First or even getting a list of all simple paths between 2 vertices
in graphx.

1. Any clue on how to approach the above problems using graphx pregel.

2. Is there any documentation as to how to send different/unique initial
message to all vertices?

3. How do I send the initial message to only a subset of the vertices?

4. How does 'voting-to-stop' work?

Thanks in advance for any pointers and explanations.


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