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From James Pirz <>
Subject Re: worker and executor memory
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2015 22:34:00 GMT
Additional Comment:
I checked the disk usage on the 3 nodes (using iostat) and it seems that
reading from HDFS partitions happen in a node-by-node basis. Only one of
the nodes shows active IO (as read) at any given time while the other two
nodes are idle IO-wise. I am not sure why the tasks are scheduled that way,
as it is a map-only job and reading can happen in parallel.

On Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 9:10 PM, James Pirz <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am using Spark 1.4 on a cluster (stand-alone mode), across 3 machines,
> for a workload similar to TPCH (analytical queries with multiple/multi-way
> large joins and aggregations). Each machine has 12GB of Memory and 4 cores.
> My total data size is 150GB, stored in HDFS (stored as Hive tables), and I
> am running my queries through Spark SQL using hive context.
> After checking the performance tuning documents on the spark page and some
> clips from latest spark summit, I decided to set the following configs in
> my spark-env:
> (As my tasks tend to be long so the overhead of starting multiple JVMs,
> one per worker is much less than the total query times). As I monitor the
> job progress, I realized that while the Worker memory is 2.5GB, the
> executors (one per worker) have max memory of 512MB (which is default). I
> enlarged this value in my application as:
> conf.set("spark.executor.memory", "2.5g");
> Trying to give max available memory on each worker to its only executor,
> but I observed that my queries are running slower than the prev case
> (default 512MB). Changing 2.5g to 1g improved the performance time, it is
> close to but still worse than 512MB case. I guess what I am missing here is
> what is the relationship between the "WORKER_MEMORY" and 'executor.memory'.
> - Isn't it the case that WORKER tries to split this memory among its
> executors (in my case its only executor) ? Or there are other stuff being
> done worker which need memory ?
> - What other important parameters I need to look into and tune at this
> point to get the best response time out of my HW ? (I have read about Kryo
> serializer, and I am about trying that - I am mainly concerned about memory
> related settings and also knobs related to parallelism of my jobs). As an
> example, for a simple scan-only query, Spark is worse than Hive (almost 3
> times slower) while both are scanning the exact same table & file format.
> That is why I believe I am missing some params by leaving them as defaults.
> Any hint/suggestion would be highly appreciated.

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