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From Ted Yu <>
Subject Re: Package Release Annoucement: Spark SQL on HBase "Astro"
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2015 17:32:54 GMT
When I tried to compile against hbase 1.1.1, I got:

overloaded method next needs result type
[ERROR]   override def next(result: java.util.List[Cell], limit: Int) =

Is there plan to support hbase 1.x ?


On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 4:53 PM, Bing Xiao (Bing) <>

> We are happy to announce the availability of the Spark SQL on HBase 1.0.0
> release.
> The main features in this package, dubbed “Astro”, include:
> ·         Systematic and powerful handling of data pruning and
> intelligent scan, based on partial evaluation technique
> ·         HBase pushdown capabilities like custom filters and coprocessor
> to support ultra low latency processing
> ·         SQL, Data Frame support
> ·         More SQL capabilities made possible (Secondary index, bloom
> filter, Primary Key, Bulk load, Update)
> ·         Joins with data from other sources
> ·         Python/Java/Scala support
> ·         Support latest Spark 1.4.0 release
> The tests by Huawei team and community contributors covered the areas:
> bulk load; projection pruning; partition pruning; partial evaluation; code
> generation; coprocessor; customer filtering; DML; complex filtering on keys
> and non-keys; Join/union with non-Hbase data; Data Frame; multi-column
> family test.  We will post the test results including performance tests the
> middle of August.
> You are very welcomed to try out or deploy the package, and help improve
> the integration tests with various combinations of the settings, extensive
> Data Frame tests, complex join/union test and extensive performance tests.
> Please use the “Issues” “Pull Requests” links at this package homepage, if
> you want to report bugs, improvement or feature requests.
> Special thanks to project owner and technical leader Yan Zhou, Huawei
> global team, community contributors and Databricks.   Databricks has been
> providing great assistance from the design to the release.
> “Astro”, the Spark SQL on HBase package will be useful for ultra low
> latency* query and analytics of large scale data sets in vertical
> enterprises**.* We will continue to work with the community to develop
> new features and improve code base.  Your comments and suggestions are
> greatly appreciated.
> Yan Zhou / Bing Xiao
> Huawei Big Data team

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