Hi Jorn,
Of course we're planning on doing a proof of concept here - the difficulty is that our timeline is short, so we cannot afford too many PoCs before we have to make a decision.  We also need to figure out *which* databases to proof of concept.

Note that one tricky aspect of our problem is that we need to support window functions partitioned on a per account basis.  I've found that support for window functions is very limited in most databases, and they're also generally slow when available.

Also, 1 customer certainly does not have 100M transactions per month.  There are 100M transactions total for a given customer when we roll everything up to be per-month.  We do not care about granularity smaller than a month.  There are also many columns that we care about - on the order of many thousands.

What makes you suggest that we do not need in-memory technology?


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First you need to make your SLA clear. It does not sound for me they are defined very well or that your solution is necessary for the scenario. I also find it hard to believe that 1 customer has 100Million transactions per month.

Time series data is easy to precalculate - you do not necessarily need in-memory technology here.

I recommend your company to do a Proof of Concept and get more details/clarificarion on the requirements before risking million of dollars of investment.

Le mar. 18 aot 2015 21:18, Benjamin Ross <bross@lattice-engines.com> a crit :

My company is interested in building a real-time time-series querying solution using Spark and Cassandra.  Specifically, were interested in setting up a Spark system against Cassandra running a hive thrift server.  We need to be able to perform real-time queries on time-series data things like, how many accounts have spent in total more than $300 on product X in the past 3 months, and purchased product Y in the past month.


These queries need to be fast preferably sub-second but we can deal with a few seconds if absolutely necessary.  The data sizes are in the millions of records when rolled up to be per-monthly records.  Something on the order of 100M per customer.


My question is, based on experience, how hard would it be to get Cassandra and Spark working together to give us sub-second response times in this use case?  Note that well need to use DataStax enterprise (which is unappealing from a cost standpoint) because its the only thing that provides the hive spark thrift server to Cassandra.


The two top contenders for our solution are Spark+Cassandra and Druid.


Neither of these solutions work perfectly out of the box:

-          Druid would need to be modified, possibly hacked, to support the queries we require.  Im also not clear how operationally ready it is.

-          Cassandra and Spark would require paying money for DataStax enterprise.  It really feels like its going to be tricky to configure Cassandra and Spark to be lightning fast for our use case.  Finally, window functions (which we need see above) are not supported unless we use a pre-release milestone of the datastax spark Cassandra connector.


I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts.  How easy is it to get Spark and Cassandra down to sub-second speeds in our use case?