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From Jonathan Yue <>
Subject Error in starting sparkR: Error in socketConnection(port = monitorPort) :
Date Fri, 25 Sep 2015 23:37:13 GMT
I have been trying to start p sparkR but always get the error about monitorPort:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/jaguar/lib:$HOME/opt/hadoop/lib/nativeJDBCJAR=$HOME/jaguar/lib/jaguar-jdbc-2.0.jarsparkR
\ --driver-class-path $JDBCJAR \ --driver-library-path $HOME/jaguar/lib \ --conf spark.executor.extraClassPath=$JDBCJAR
\ --conf spark.executor.extraLibraryPath=$HOME/jaguar/lib

Launching java with spark-submit command /home/exeray/opt/spark/bin/spark-submit   "--conf"
"spark.driver.extraLibraryPath=/home/exeray/jaguar/lib" "--conf" "spark.driver.extraClassPath=/path/to/your/jaguar-jdbc-2.0.jar"
"--conf" "spark.executor.extraLibraryPath=/home/exeray/jaguar/lib" "--conf" "spark.executor.extraClassPath=/home/exeray/jaguar/lib/jaguar-jdbc-2.0.jar"
"sparkr-shell" /tmp/RtmpGbIfCx/backend_port3f704328c68dError in socketConnection(port = monitorPort)
:  cannot open the connectionIn addition: Warning message:In socketConnection(port = monitorPort)
: localhost:42600 cannot be openedDuring startup - Warning message:package ‘SparkR’ was
built under R version 3.2.1

Is there some config I am missing? Not much help from google. Every time port number <42600>
changes to a different one,
 Best regards,  Jonathan
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