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From Archit Thakur <>
Subject Dynamic DAG use-case for spark streaming.
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2015 19:06:26 GMT

 We are using spark streaming as our processing engine, and as part of
output we want to push the data to UI. Now there would be multiple users
accessing the system with there different filters on. Based on the filters
and other inputs we want to either run a SQL Query on DStream or do a
custom logic processing. This would need the system to read the
filters/query and generate the execution graph at runtime. I cant see any
support in spark streaming for generating the execution graph on the fly.
I think I can broadcast the query to executors and read the broadcasted
query at runtime but that would also limit my user to 1 at a time.

Do we not expect the spark streaming to take queries/filters from outside
world. Does output in spark streaming only means outputting to an external
source which could then be queried.

Archit Thakur.

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