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On Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 9:02 PM, Dmitry Goldenberg <> wrote:
What's wrong with creating a checkpointed context??  We WANT checkpointing, first of all.  We therefore WANT the checkpointed context.

Second of all, it's not true that we're loading the checkpointed context independent of whether params.isCheckpointed() is true.  I'm quoting the code again:

// This is NOT loading a checkpointed context if isCheckpointed() is false.
JavaStreamingContext jssc = params.isCheckpointed() ? createCheckpointedContext(sparkConf, params) : createContext(sparkConf, params);

  private JavaStreamingContext createCheckpointedContext(SparkConf sparkConf, Parameters params) {
    JavaStreamingContextFactory factory = new JavaStreamingContextFactory() {
      public JavaStreamingContext create() {
        return createContext(sparkConf, params);
    return JavaStreamingContext.getOrCreate(params.getCheckpointDir(), factory);

^^^^^   when you use getOrCreate, and there exists a valid checkpoint, it will always return the context from the checkpoint and not call the factory. Simple way to see whats going on is to print something in the factory to verify whether it is ever called. 



  private JavaStreamingContext createContext(SparkConf sparkConf, Parameters params) {
    // Create context with the specified batch interval, in milliseconds.
    JavaStreamingContext jssc = new JavaStreamingContext(sparkConf, Durations.milliseconds(params.getBatchDurationMillis()));
    // Set the checkpoint directory, if we're checkpointing
    if (params.isCheckpointed()) {

Again, this is *only* calling context.checkpoint() if isCheckpointed() is true.  And we WANT it to be true.

What am I missing here?