Hi Ashok,


Another book recommendation (I am the author): “Big Data Analytics with Spark”


The first half of the book is specifically written for people just getting started with Big Data and Spark.



Author: Big Data Analytics with Spark


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Thanks, Jules!

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When I referred to interactive shells, I was referring the the Scala & Python interactive language shells. Both Python & Scala come with respective interacive shells. By just typing “python” or “scala” (assume the installation bin directory is in your $PATH), it will put fire up the shell.


As for the “pyspark” and “spark-shell”, they both come with the Spark installation and are in $spark_install_dir/bin directory.


Have a go at them. Best way to learn the language.






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Could you please post links to these interactive shells for Python and Scala?

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Hello Ashoka,


"Learning Spark," from O'Reilly, is certainly a good start, and all basic video tutorials from Spark Summit Training, "Spark Essentials", are excellent supplementary materials.


And the best (and most effective) way to teach yourself is really firing up the spark-shell or pyspark and doing it yourself—immersing yourself by trying all basic transformations and actions on RDDs, with contrived small data sets.


I've discovered that learning Scala & Python through their interactive shell, where feedback is immediate and response is quick, as the best learning experience. 


Same is true for Scala or Python Notebooks interacting with a Spark, running in local or cluster mode. 





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  Hi Gurus,


Appreciate if you recommend me a good book on Spark or documentation for beginner to moderate knowledge


I very much like to skill myself on transformation and action methods.


FYI, I have already looked at examples on net. However, some of them not clear at least to me.


Warmest regards