Check the RM UI to ensure you have available resources. I suspect it might be that you didn't configure yarn correctly, so NM didn't start properly and you have no resource. 

On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 7:14 PM, alvarobrandon <> wrote:
Hello everyone:

I'm trying the dynamic allocation in Spark with YARN. I have followed the
following configuration steps:
1. Copy the spark-*-yarn-shuffle.jar to the nodemanager classpath. "cp
/opt/spark/lib/spark-*-yarn-shuffle.jar /opt/hadoop/share/hadoop/yarn"
2. Added the shuffle service of spark in yarn-site.xml
    <description>shuffle implementation</description>
3. Enabled the class for the shuffle service in yarn-site.xml
    <description>enable the class for dynamic allocation</description>
4. Activated the dynamic allocation in the spark defaults
spark.dynamicAllocation.enabled         true
spark.shuffle.service.enabled   true

When I launch my application it just stays in the queue accepted but it
never actually runs.
16/02/26 11:11:46 INFO yarn.Client: Application report for
application_1456482268159_0001 (state: ACCEPTED)

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance as always

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Jeff Zhang