Apache Spark™ is a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing. 

it's a good profile of spark, but it's really too short for lots of people if then have little background in this field.

ok, frankly, I'll give a tech-talk about spark later this week, and now I'm writing a slide about that, but I'm stuck at the first slide.

I'm going to talk about three question about spark in the first part of my talk, for most of my colleagues has no background on spark, hadoop, so I want to talk :

1. the background of birth of spark
2. pros and cons of spark, or the situations that spark is going to handle, or why we use spark
3. the basic principles of spark, 
4. the basic conceptions of spark

have anyone met kinds of this problem, introduce spark to one who has no background on your field? and I hope you can tell me how you handle this problem at that time, or give some ideas about the 4 sections mentioned above.

great thanks.

a spark lover, a quant, a developer and a good man.