since spark is under actively developing, so take a book to learn it is somehow outdated to some degree.

I would like to suggest learn it from several ways as bellow:

in a word, I think the best way to learn it is official document + databricks blog + others' blog ===>>> your blog [ tutorial by you or just memo for your learning ]

On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 4:50 PM, Ashok Kumar <> wrote:
Thank you all for valuable advice. Much appreciated


On Sunday, 28 February 2016, 21:48, Ashok Kumar <> wrote:

  Hi Gurus,

Appreciate if you recommend me a good book on Spark or documentation for beginner to moderate knowledge

I very much like to skill myself on transformation and action methods.

FYI, I have already looked at examples on net. However, some of them not clear at least to me.

Warmest regards

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