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From "David O'Gwynn" <>
Subject Unable to Limit UI to localhost interface
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2016 14:32:42 GMT
Greetings to all,

I've search around the mailing list, but it would seem that (nearly?)
everyone has the opposite problem as mine. I made a stab at looking in the
source for an answer, but I figured I might as well see if anyone else has
run into the same problem as I.

I'm trying to limit my Master/Worker UI to run only on localhost. As it
stands, I have the following two environment variables set in my


and my slaves file contains one line:

The problem is that when I run "", I can nmap my box's public
interface and get the following:

22/tcp   open  ssh
8080/tcp open  http-proxy
8081/tcp open  blackice-icecap

Furthermore, I can go to my box's public IP at port 8080 in my browser and
get the master node's UI. The UI even reports that the URL/REST URLs to be

Spark Master at spark://
URL: spark://
REST URL: spark:// (cluster mode)

I'd rather not have spark available in any way to the outside world without
an explicit SSH tunnel.

There are variables to do with setting the Web UI port, but I'm not
concerned with the port, only the network interface to which the Web UI

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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