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From James Hammerton <>
Subject Best way to process values for key in sorted order
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2016 18:09:48 GMT

I need to process some events in a specific order based on a timestamp, for
each user in my data.

I had implemented this by using the dataframe sort method to sort by user
id and then sort by the timestamp secondarily, then do a
groupBy().mapValues() to process the events for each user.

However on re-reading the docs I see that groupByKey() does not guarantee
any ordering of the values, yet my code (which will fall over on out of
order events) seems to run OK so far, on a local mode but with a machine
with 8 CPUs.

I guess the easiest way to be certain would be to sort the values after the
groupByKey, but I'm wondering if using mapPartitions() to process all
entries in a partition would work, given I had pre-ordered the data?

This would require a bit more work to track when I switch from one user to
the next as I process the events, but if the original order has been
preserved on reading the events in, this should work.

Anyone know definitively if this is the case?



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