We use this, but not sure how the schema is stored

Job job = Job.getInstance();
ParquetOutputFormat.setWriteSupportClass(job, AvroWriteSupport.class);
AvroParquetOutputFormat.setSchema(job, schema);
LazyOutputFormat.setOutputFormatClass(job, new ParquetOutputFormat<T>().getClass());
job.getConfiguration().set("mapreduce.fileoutputcommitter.marksuccessfuljobs", "false");
job.getConfiguration().set("parquet.enable.summary-metadata", "false");

//save the file
rdd.mapToPair(me -> new Tuple2(null, me))
String.format("%s/%s", path, timeStamp.milliseconds()),

On Mon, 21 Mar 2016, 05:55 Manivannan Selvadurai, <smk.manivannan@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi All,

          In my current project there is a requirement to store avro data (json format) as parquet files.
I was able to use AvroParquetWriter in separately to create the Parquet Files. The parquet files along with the data also had the 'avro schema' stored on them as a part of their footer.

           But when tired using Spark streamng I could not find a way to store the data with the avro schema information. The closest that I got was to create a Dataframe using the json RDDs and store them as parquet. Here the parquet files had a spark specific schema in their footer.

      Is this the right approach or do I have a better one. Please guide me.

We are using Spark 1.4.1.

Thanks In Advance!!