Hello Yasemin,
Maybe your key id or access key has special chars like backslash or something. You need to change it.
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2016-03-15 12:33 GMT+02:00 Yasemin Kaya <godot85@gmail.com>:

I am using Spark 1.6.0 standalone and I want to read a txt file from S3 bucket named yasemindeneme and my file name is deneme.txt. But I am getting this error. Here is the simple code
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid hostname in URI s3n://AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID:AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY@/yasemindeneme/deneme.txt
at org.apache.hadoop.fs.s3.S3Credentials.initialize(S3Credentials.java:45)
at org.apache.hadoop.fs.s3native.Jets3tNativeFileSystemStore.initialize(Jets3tNativeFileSystemStore.java:55)

I try 2 options 
sc.hadoopConfiguration() and sc.textFile("s3n://AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID:AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY@/yasemindeneme/deneme.txt/");

Also I did export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID= ..... 
But there is no change about error. 

Could you please help me about this issue?

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