Maybe you were trying to embed pictures for the error and your code - but they didn't go through.

On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 10:32 AM, meson10 <> wrote:

I am trying to save a RDD to Cassandra but I am running into the following

The Python code looks like this:

I am using DSE 4.8.6 which runs Spark 1.4.2

I ran through a bunch of existing posts on this mailing lists and have
already performed the following routines:

 * Ensure that there is no redundant cassandra .jar lying around,
interfering with the process.
 * Wiped clean and reinstall DSE to ensure that.
 * Tried Loading data from Cassandra to ensure that Spark <-> Cassandra
communication is working. I used        print
self.context.cassandraTable(keyspace='test', table='dummy').collect() to
validate that.
 * Ensure there are no null values in my dataset that is being written.
 * The namespace and the table exist in Cassandra using cassandra@cqlsh>
SELECT * from test.dummy ;

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