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From Benjamin Kim <>
Subject Kudu Connector
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2016 18:27:09 GMT
I was wondering if anyone, who is a Spark Scala developer, would be willing to continue the
work done for the Kudu connector?

I have been testing and using Kudu for the past month and comparing against HBase. It seems
like a promising data store to complement Spark. It fills the gap in our company as a fast
updatable data store. We stream GB’s of data in and run analytical queries against it, which
run in well below a minute typically. According to the Kudu users group, all it needs is to
add SQL (JDBC) friendly features (CREATE TABLE, intuitive save modes (append = upsert and
overwrite = truncate + insert), DELETE, etc.) and improve performance by implementing locality.

For reference, here is the page on contributing.

I am hoping that for individuals in the Spark community it would be relatively easy.

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