What are you expecting us to do?  Yash provided a reasonable approach - based on the info you had provided in prior emails.  Otherwise you can convert it from python to spark - or find someone else who feels comfortable to do it.  That kind of inquiry would likelybe appropriate on a job board.

2016-06-17 21:47 GMT-07:00 Aakash Basu <raj2cool16@gmail.com>:


Our complete project is in Spark on Scala, I code in Scala for Spark, though am new, but I know it and still learning. But I need help in converting this code to Scala. I've nearly no knowledge in Python, hence, requested the experts here.

Hope you get me now.


On 18-Jun-2016 10:07 AM, "Yash Sharma" <yash360@gmail.com> wrote:

You could use pyspark to run the python code on spark directly. That will cut the effort of learning scala.


- Thanks, via mobile,  excuse brevity.

On Jun 18, 2016 2:34 PM, "Aakash Basu" <raj2cool16@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi all,

I've a python code, which I want to convert to Scala for using it in a Spark program. I'm not so well acquainted with python and learning scala now. Any Python+Scala expert here? Can someone help me out in this please?

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