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From Chang Lim <>
Subject HiveThriftServer and spark.sql.hive.thriftServer.singleSession setting
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2016 19:08:43 GMT

I am on Spark 2.0 Review release.  According to Spark 2.0 docs, to share
TempTable/View, I need to:
    "to run the Thrift server in the old single-session mode, please set
option spark.sql.hive.thriftServer.singleSession to true."
Question: *When using HiveThriftServer2.startWithContext(), where do I set
the above setting?*  I tried the following 4 possible places to set the flag
but it does not seem to work.  What am I missing?

val spark = SparkSession.builder.master("local[2]")
   .config("spark.sql.hive.thriftServer.singleSession", "true")  // <--- 1.
is this the correct place to set??

//starts Thrift Server
//spark.conf.set("spark.sql.hive.thriftServer.singleSession", true)  <-- 2.
Tried this, don't seem to work
"true")  <-- 3. Tried this, don't seem to work
val sql = new org.apache.spark.sql.SQLContext(spark.sparkContext)
sql.setConf("spark.sql.hive.thriftServer.singleSession", "true")  // <-- 4.
Tried this, don't seem to work

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