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From jeremycod <>
Subject How to recommend most similar users using Spark ML
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2016 03:36:52 GMT

I need to develop a service that will recommend user with other similar
users that he can connect to. For each user I have a data about user
preferences for specific items in the form:

user, item, preference  
1,    75,   0.89  
2,    168,  0.478  
2,    99,   0.321  
3,    31,   0.012

So far, I implemented approach using cosine similarity that compare one user
features vector with other users:

def cosineSimilarity(vec1: DoubleMatrix, vec2: DoubleMatrix): Double=
def user2usersimilarity(userid:Integer, recNumber:Integer): Unit ={
    val userFactor=model.userFeatures.lookup(userid).head
    val userVector=new DoubleMatrix(userFactor)
    val s1=cosineSimilarity(userVector,userVector)
        val factorVector=new DoubleMatrix(factor)
        val sim=cosineSimilarity(factorVector, userVector)
    val[(Int, Double),Double]
{case(id, similarity)=>similarity})

This approach works fine with the MovieLens dataset in terms of quality of
recommendations. However, my concern is related to performance of such
algorithm. Since I have to generate recommendations for all users in the
system, with this approach I would compare each user with all other users in
the system.

I would appreciate if somebody could suggest how to limit comparison of the
user to top N neighbors, or some other algorithm that would work better in
my use case.


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