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From raaggarw <>
Subject How spark decides whether to do BroadcastHashJoin or SortMergeJoin
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2016 08:07:42 GMT

How spark decides/optimizes internally as to when it needs to a
BroadcastHashJoin vs SortMergeJoin? Is there anyway we can guide from
outside or through options which Join to use?
Because in my case when i am trying to do a join, spark makes that join as
BroadCastHashJoin internally and when join is actually being executed it
waits for broadcast to be done (which is big data), resulting in timeout.
I do not want to increase value of timeout i.e. 
"spark.sql.broadcastTimeout". Rather i want this to be done via
SortMergeJoin. How can i enforce that?


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