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From Gene Pang <>
Subject Re: Question About OFF_HEAP Caching
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2016 13:36:19 GMT

If you want to use Alluxio with Spark 2.x, it is recommended to write to
and read from Alluxio with files. You can save an RDD with saveAsObjectFile
with an Alluxio path (alluxio://host:port/path/to/file), and you can read
that file from any other Spark job. Here is additional information on how
to run Spark with Alluxio:

Hope that helps,

On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 12:11 AM, condor join <>

> Hi All,
> I have some questions about OFF_HEAP Caching. In Spark 1.X when we use
> *rdd.persist(StorageLevel.OFF_HEAP)*,that means rdd caching in
> Tachyon(Alluxio). However,in Spark 2.X,we can directly use OFF_HEAP  For
> Caching
> (
> I am confuse about this and I have follow questions:
> 1.In Spark 2.X, how should we use Tachyon for caching?
> 2.Is there any reason that must change in this way(I mean use off_heap
> directly instead of using Tachyon)
> Thanks a lot!

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