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From Neil Chang <>
Subject How to partition a SparkDataFrame using all distinct column values in sparkR
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2016 22:46:25 GMT
  This is a question regarding SparkR in spark 2.0.

Given that I have a SparkDataFrame and I want to partition it using one
column's values. Each value corresponds to a partition, all rows that
having the same column value shall go to the same partition, no more no

   Seems the function repartition() doesn't do this, I have 394 unique
values, it just partitions my DataFrame into 200. If I specify the
numPartitions to 394, some mismatch happens.

Is it possible to do what I described in sparkR?
GroupBy doesn't work with udf at all.

Or can we split the DataFrame into list of small ones first, if so, what
can I use?


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