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From Sachin Mittal <>
Subject Building standalone spark application via sbt
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2016 14:09:58 GMT
Can someone please guide me what all jars I need to place in my lib folder
of the project to build a standalone scala application via sbt.

Note I need to provide static dependencies and I cannot download the jars
using libraryDependencies.
So I need to provide all the jars upfront.

So far I found that we need:

Do we also need

Is there any jar from spark side I may be missing? What I found that
spark-core needs hadoop-core classes and if I don't add them then sbt was
giving me this error:
[error] bad symbolic reference. A signature in SparkContext.class refers to
term hadoop
[error] in package org.apache which is not available.

So I was just confused on library dependency part when building an
application via sbt. Any inputs here would be helpful.


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