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From Mayank Ahuja <>
Subject Re: Pls assist: Creating Spak EC2 cluster using script and a custom AMI
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2016 21:30:41 GMT
Hi Marco,

>From AMI name shared, it seems to be HVM image. 'm1' instance family does
not support HVM (only PV is supported). Either you can use PV equivalent of
this image or you can use 'm3' family (easiest transition from m1 to m3, if



On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 7:37 AM, Marco Mistroni <> wrote:

> HI all
>  i was wondering if anyone can help with this
> I Have created a spark cluster before using script from Spark
> 1.6.1
> that by default uses a very old AMI... so i decided to try to launch the
> script with a more up to date
> AMI.
> the one i have used is ami-d732f0b7, which refers to Ubuntu Server 14.04
> LTS (HVM), SSD Volume Type
> I have lauched the script as follows
> ./spark-ec2  --key-pair=ec2AccessKey --identity-file ec2AccessKey.pem
> --region=us-west-2 --ami ami-d732f0b7 launch my-spark-cluster
> but i am gettign this exception:
> Non-Windows instances with a virtualization type of 'hvm' are currently
> not supported for this instance type.
> which seems a bizarre exception to me as , in , instance
> m1.large (the one used to create spark master and nodes) is associated with
> vritualization=pvm
> "m1.large":    "pvm"
> has anyone found similar issue? any suggestion on how can i use a custom
> AMI when creating a spark cluster?
> kind regards
>  marco

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