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From RK Aduri <>
Subject Re: Spark SQL overwrite/append for partitioned tables
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2016 23:23:41 GMT
You can have a temporary file to capture the data that you would like to overwrite. And swap
that with existing partition that you would want to wipe the data away. Swapping can be done
by simple rename of the partition and just repair the table to pick up the new partition.

Am not sure if that addresses your scenario.

> On Jul 25, 2016, at 4:18 PM, Pedro Rodriguez <> wrote:
> What would be the best way to accomplish the following behavior:
> 1. There is a table which is partitioned by date
> 2. Spark job runs on a particular date, we would like it to wipe out all data for that
date. This is to make the job idempotent and lets us rerun a job if it failed without fear
of duplicated data
> 3. Preserve data for all other dates
> I am guessing that overwrite would not work here or if it does its not guaranteed to
stay that way, but am not sure. If thats the case, is there a good/robust way to get this
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