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From Rerngvit Yanggratoke <>
Subject Re: Visualization of data analysed using spark
Date Sat, 30 Jul 2016 21:25:31 GMT
Since you already have an existing application (not starting from scratch), the simplest way
to visualize would be to export the data to a file (e.g., a CSV file) and visualise using
other tools, e.g., Excel, RStudio, Matlab, Jupiter, Zeppelin, Tableu, Elastic Stack. 
The choice depends on your background and preferences of the technology. Note that if you
are dealing with a large dataset, you generally first should apply sampling to the data. A
good mechanism to sampling depends on your application domain.

- Rerngvit
> On 30 Jul 2016, at 21:45, Tony Lane <> wrote:
> I am developing my analysis application by using spark (in eclipse as the IDE)
> what is a good way to visualize the data, taking into consideration i have multiple files
which make up my spark application.
> I have seen some notebook demo's but not sure how to use my application with such notebooks.
> thoughts/ suggestions/ experiences -- please share
> -Tony 

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