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From "Sreekanth Jella" <>
Subject RE: Flattening XML in a DataFrame
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2016 22:22:52 GMT
Hi Experts,


Please suggest. Thanks in advance.





From: Sreekanth Jella [] 
Sent: Sunday, August 14, 2016 11:46 AM
To: 'Hyukjin Kwon' <>
Cc: 'user @spark' <>
Subject: Re: Flattening XML in a DataFrame


Hi Hyukjin Kwon,

Thank you for reply.

There are several types of XML documents with different schema which needs to be parsed and
tag names do not know in hand. All we know is the XSD for the given XML. 

Is it possible to get the same results even when we do not know the xml tags like, or is it possible to read the tag names from XSD and use?



On Aug 12, 2016 9:58 PM, "Hyukjin Kwon" < <>
> wrote:

Hi Sreekanth,


Assuming you are using Spark 1.x,


I believe this code below:"com.databricks.spark.xml").option("rowTag", "emp").load("/tmp/sample.xml")
  .selectExpr(" <> ", " <>
", "explode(manager.subordinates.clerk) as clerk")
  .selectExpr("id", "name", "clerk.cid", "clerk.cname")

would print the results below as you want:

| id|name|cid|cname|
|  1| foo|  1|  foo|
|  1| foo|  1|  foo|



I hope this is helpful.







2016-08-13 9:33 GMT+09:00 Sreekanth Jella < <>

Hi Folks,


I am trying flatten variety of XMLs using DataFrames. I’m using spark-xml package which
is automatically inferring my schema and creating a DataFrame. 


I do not want to hard code any column names in DataFrame as I have lot of varieties of XML
documents and each might be lot more depth of child nodes. I simply want to flatten any type
of XML and then write output data to a hive table. Can you please give some expert advice
for the same.


Example XML and expected output is given below.


Sample XML:




















Expected output:

id, name, clerk.cid, clerk.cname

1, foo, 2, cname2

1, foo, 3, cname3



Sreekanth Jella



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