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From twisterius <>
Subject spark-jdbc impala with kerberos using yarn-client
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2016 21:12:48 GMT
I am trying to use the spark-jdbc package to access an impala table via a
spark data frame. From my understanding
( When loading DataFrames
from JDBC datasource with Kerberos authentication, remote executors
(yarn-client/cluster etc. modes) fail to establish a connection due to lack
of Kerberos ticket or ability to generate it. I found a solution to this
issue by creating an jdbc driver which properly handles kerberos
However I cannot find the source the impala jdbc driver online. Should I
just use a hive driver to enable kerberos authentication for impala, or is
there a location where I can find the impala jdbc driver source. Also is the
ticket listed above SPARK-12312 accurate, or is there an out of the box way
for me to connect to a kerberized impala using
sqlContext.load("jdbc",options) without having to rewrite the impala driver?

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