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From Mich Talebzadeh <>
Subject Spark driver memory breakdown
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2016 16:48:35 GMT

I alwayd underestimated the significant of setting spark.driver.memory

According to documents

It is the amount of memory to use for the driver process, i.e. where
SparkContext is initialized. (e.g. 1g, 2g).

I was running my application using Spark Standalone so the argument about
Local mode and one JVM do not come into it.

As I know:

* The driver program is the main program, which coordinates the executors
to run the Spark application.*

It is not clear to me whether the driver program also allocates the memory
to executors that run on workers.

I noticed that if you leave this driver memory low you end up with heap
space issue and the job crashes. So I had to increase the driver memory
from 1G to 8G to make the job run.

So in a nutshell how this driver memory is allocated in Standalone mode
given that we also have executer memory --executor-memory that I set


Dr Mich Talebzadeh

LinkedIn *

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